How to create feature voting for your website with VoteHub

Tiago Rodrigues
3 min readFeb 8, 2021


Sometimes it is necessary to know what are the most critical features on your roadmap. It can help you saving time when focusing on the features that are really necessary at the moment.

Currently, I have two products in the market (Rapid Mockup, Vemto) that needed some type of feature voting.

Until now, I was doing feature voting using Google Forms. It worked as a workaround, but I needed something more simple, intuitive and directly incorporated into my products, and that doesn’t ask for voter login.

I searched for something with these requirements, but the majority of products I found were complex or needed user login.

So I decided to create VoteHub to solve this problem.

VoteHub is a real-time voting platform made to simplify creating and embedding votings in your site or web app.”

Some features include:

  • Easy to embed with an iframe (doesn’t need voter login, VoteHub provides a Voter UUID to your application) — See details here
  • Create real-time Votings, Rankings, and Feature Votings
  • Highly customizable votings (change colors, maximum votes per voter, the number of winners, etc)

Using VoteHub

After creating a new VoteHub account, you’ll see the following screen:

VoteHub dashboard

Just hit the “Add Voting” button to create a new Voting:

New Voting screen

When creating a new Voting, you can set the following options:

  • Name — the Voting name
  • Maximum winner items — it defines the top “Voting items” that can figure as winners when the Voting is finished. If you leave it as “0”, the voting will work as a Ranking, without winners.
  • Description — An optional description for the voting
  • Limit votes quantity by the voter — when checked, you can set a vote limit for each voter
  • Base color — you can use it to change the voting appearance colors

After creating the Voting, you’ll be redirected to the Voting Edit page:

Voting Edit page

On that page, it is possible to add Voting Items with name, description, and an optional image.

Editing a Voting with images

Embedding Votings

To embed a Voting, you can click on the “Share/Embed” option. It will show you the instructions and the Iframe code. VoteHub is super simple to integrate and needs just two steps:

  • 1 — Get the Voter ID — Your applications sends a simple GET request to the VoteHub API ( and receives a voter UUID that can be stored on your database to identify the voter
  • 2 — Add the Iframe — In the Voting page inside your application, just paste the iframe code and change the VOTER_IDENTIFIER_HERE text to the ID you received
The Voting Embed screen


That is it! VoteHub is a quite new tool, so I’d love to receive your feedback to improve it and add new features.